Database of Boxer Information, Schedules

I was going to start this writeup with “Muhammad is Ali I know about boxing.” Aren’t you glad I restrained myself? I’ll stay serious instead and note that BoxSch ( ) provides information on both boxing schedules and boxers themselves.

According to the site owner, there is no official boxing schedule “as too many sanctioning bodies rule too many divisions.” Here there are several ways to look at the boxing schedules. You can view by television schedule, a “view all” if you want to see everything that’s going on, and a “This Week in Boxing” fight list.

Match lists contain the names and records (W/L/D/KO) of the boxers, class and location. Click on the name of the boxer for additional information (oddly formatted in Firefox) like nationality, stance, date of birth, and strengths and weaknesses (Ricky Hatton, for example, is a strong body puncher but according to this site has no jab, etc.)

In addition to the schedule information, there’s also a news portion of the site (featuring content from the site and headlines for other sites) as well as rankings, a bunch of videos (which look like they all come from YouTube, and a brief link list. The formatting in Firefox is wonky; I had to move all the way to the right to see anything. Lots to see here, interesting use of specialized YouTube information.

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