Yank Magazine Content Added to OldMagazineArticles, which is a site for (you guessed it) old magazine articles, has added a new magazine to its content. Yank Magazine (1942-1945) has been added to the archives along with other articles that were published between 1860-1922.

From the front page of the site (and that page background is causing my eyeballs much pain — ow) you can search, browse by subject (listed on the front page), or look at recently-added articles. (When I looked at the recently-added articles they were from a 1919 Stars and Stripes.)

Down at the bottom of the page you’ll see a list of magazines. The URL for Yank is . Here you’ll get several pages of article titles, summaries, and keywords (and sometimes wry editorial comments.) Sometimes there’s also some historical context. You will not get the full article, however; to do that click on the title and you’ll get a PDF file, scanned in from the magazine itself (complete with pictures, well-scanned, very readable.)

(Read the article on teenage slang in the 40s. The more things change.)

On the upper right part of the article summary pages you’ll see an RSS icon; looks like you can get RSS feeds for each category of information, though I didn’t see one for Yank specifically (though there was one for WWII.) There were lots of fascinating articles here; using “Hide Background Images” in Firefox made browsing a lot more fun…

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