ResearchBuzz Roundup 091707

Search engine finds images in 300 languages. Would have gotten a writeup but I couldn’t get the page to load.

Floridians are watching their gauges and putting rainfall information into an online database.

Robert Jordan.

Update on the search for Steve Fossett.

Twittering with RSS. Funnel Cakes to Boing Boing.

54 more countries on Google Maps.
Jeremy Z reflects on current conditions at Yahoo. Personally, I think Yahoo Pipes was a big win, and while the MapMixer didn’t make my jaw drop like the Pipes, it’s given me lots of ideas. I think the challenge at Yahoo is not to create great things — because it does — but to keep the interest going and try to be as inclusive as possible. (For a company doing so much consumer-oriented stuff, Yahoo’s documentation can sometimes be surprisingly geeky.) For extra credit: Yahoo, do some events on the east coast. NO, NOT NEW YORK OR BOSTON. Those are lovely places, but I’m telling you, there are lots of computer enthusiasts around Atlanta/Charleston/Charlotte/Raleigh/Greensboro/Nashville.

Yahoo getting BuzzTracker?

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