Amazon’s New Video Reviews, Jeff Bezos Likes Milk

I am spending a lot of time with the Amazon ECS service — it’s the good twin, I’ve decided, and the Amazon search engine on the Web site is the evil twin. (Kidding. The frustrating twin, perhaps.) While I was going through the documentation and doing experiments on the site I noticed a couple of things of interest.

First: Jeff Bezos has reviews on the site. Not many, but some. Apparently he hates The 13th Warrior and loves milk. He prefers very expensive cheese straws, very expensive binoculars, and Cory Doctorow.

If you’re not into Jeff Bezos, you might want to check out Amazon’s new video review features. Yup, Amazon is now inviting customers to post video reviews of products. You can browse around looking for the reviews, or you can try searching inurl:videopreplay on Google to see the half-dozen it has indexed.

The videos varied a lot. I liked Aaron Wilson spinning around on his Heelies. Other videos I looked at covered cell phones, cameras, and watches. One video actually showed a musician handmaking her CD labeling and packing, with the CD for sale at Amazon. (You can watch the packaging getting made and listen to the 4th track on the CD.) Maybe I can find some vacuum cleaner reviews…

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