NOZA Announces Free Grant Search

NOZA, a database for nonprofit fundraisers, announced today free access to its database of foundation grants. There are over 825,000 foundation grant records at its site and you can search ’em at

You can search by name or cause. Name is a simple search, but cause allows you to search by category, state, city, and donation amount. I decided to search for environmental foundations for Charleston South Carolina.

I got 201 results that I could sort in a variety of ways, including donation amount, city, state, and zip. Each listing provides a minimum amount of information. Chose the ones on which you want more information via the checkboxes and click the View Full Records link. You’ll get more extensive listings including donor name and recipient location and category. You can review the listings on the site or export them to a spreadsheet.

Not as fun or extensive as NOZA’s paid services, of course, but lots of material here and the added bonus of not even having to register to search/get results.

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