Information Trapping, Now In Skinny Syllabus Flavor

So there’s a professor named Scott Moore who teaches at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. And I think he’s a great fellow, mainly because he’s teaching a course called “Web-based Information Resources” and he’s using two of my books in his syllabus.

I’m not mentioning this merely to puff, but because in creating his Web site he has made a couple of very nice thin outlines of my books. You can see the Information Trapping outline here, while the Web Search Garage outline is here. The Web Search Garage one is more complete at the moment, I guess because he’s filling it in as he teaches. The WSG outline also has some nice quizzy-type questions at the end of each outline. Actually all the questions are lumped together on this page.

Basic outline and course notes are available at

If you want a concise overview of Information Trapping, check out his skinny outline. Very well done. I’m interested to see how far Dr. Moore develops it.

Good luck, BIT330 students! I hope you all get As.

Update: Dr. Moore informs me that the STUDENTS are creating the outlines and overviews of my books. They’re doing an excellent job!

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