Search Engine for Radio Stations

Looking for Internet radio stations? You can browse or do keyword searches with the new search engine iheard, at .

The front of the site has a directory with the usual categories (jazz, rock, folk, oldies, talk) and a couple of unexpected (ambient, eclectic.) (There’s a much more detailed category page if you want one.) There’s also a keyword search. I did a search for one of my favorite Internet radio stations, Groove Salad, and got three results. Results include brief description, genre, a play button, and (painfully small) icons that indicate the software you’ll need to play the station (Real, WinAmp, etc.)

Click on the name of the station for a little more information about the station, but it’s not clear where the ratings are coming from and sometimes the descriptions are just too minimal.

If you don’t know what you want to listen to and can’t even think of something to search, you can always check out the most popular stations or even the stations organized by language. I just wish a bit more information was offered…

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