Information Trapping for Genealogy

Family tree searchers out there? I heard about a site this week that lets you check for information on ancestors you’re searching.

Genealogy Agent, at , allows you to monitor genealogy sites for ancestors who might be proving a bit difficult to find. After you register (registration is free) you can enter details about your ancestor including nicknames and birth and death year (or range if you don’t know exactly).

Genealogy Agent will monitor several genealogy sites using different combinations of the information you’ve given, and send you e-mail reports when there’s new data to be had. Monitoring two ancestors for one year is free; additional ancestors cost $14.60 a year.

I’m going to have to test drive this to see what kind of results I get. But I did want to point out two good things about this site. First is the excellent FAQ that points to resources outside Genealogy Agent for certain types of searches. Second is the Network Sites listing, which is a category index of genealogy site recommended by registered users. Nice descriptions.

The person who put this site together, Doug Barry, has done several other potentially interesting genealogy sites, including Genealogy Search Help, Family Tree Searcher, and Genealogy Search Advice.

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