ResearchBuzz Roundup 100607

Apple getting sued over iPhone price cut. For a million bucks. Really, really annoying.

Google Transit graduates from Google labs.

Looking for online storage? ADrive is offering 50GB free with its beta service. Yoiks.

Boing Boing TV!

The State Library and Archives of Florida has a little calculator to let you discover how much money your local library is saving you.

Really? Yikes: “…three University of California, Riverside researchers show that a substantial number of people on file sharing networks, approximately 15 percent, are there to troll for illegal file sharing activity on behalf of the recording industry or the government.”

Walt Mossberg has an overview of free voicemail services.

Phillis Wheatley book now available online.

New Zealand Police Wiki. Neat.

UC Berkeley launches a YouTube channel.

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