Information Trapping for Tags: Thagoo

If you’re looking for more tag sites to do information trapping, check out Thagoo. It’s a tag meta-search site that offers RSS feeds for search results.

The site’s at . Search is extremely simple keyword. Your search results include page title, URL, where the tag was picked up, and how long ago the tag was updated. The sources I saw in the search results included Furl, BlueDot, BlogMarks,, BlinkList, My Web Yahoo, and MisterWong. You can sort the results by the most recent or the most popular.

At the top of the results page is also a link for an RSS feed. Unfortunately the feed only shows the link and the title of the page/site, not the source/popularity/time of addition.

Quick results, lots of sources, and an RSS feed. One I’m going to add to my information trapping toolbox…

Categories: News