ResearchBuzz Roundup 100807

MSNBC bought NewsVine.

Mashable looks at calendar tools.

Groovy: Google Code for Educators.

Interview with Matt Cutts. Lots of SEO stuff. I want someone to ask Matt if he was a tree, what kind of tree would he be.

Want to track Australian celebrities? New online database: .

Google stock rises above $600. My sense of existential dread and fear of history repeating itself rises 300%. Not that I think that Google is hollow (I don’t). But I’m afraid is that investors will go, “Hey, that Google stock is great! I think I’ll put the baby’s college money into, with their custom-made premixed concrete at wholesale prices and FREE SHIPPING!” And, as we learned several years ago, that way lies madness. Google announces third quarter results on October 18th.

Blinx now offering video search in French, German, and Spanish.

Internet census: .

Sun starts the Sun PASIG the Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group. Other institutions involved in the new organization include The British Library, Johns Hopkins University, University of Oxford, and Stanford University.

AllinOne news search now offers date range search. Yay!

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