Database of Robot Events

Miss Tom Servo? Ready to get your ‘bot on? Check out RobotEvents ( ), a database for robot technology and educational events in a variety of categories.

You can see some of those categories right from the front page, with links for competitions, workshops and camps, and conferences. There’s also an overall calendars link. I looked at the conferences link and found only one, the RoboDevelopment Conference and Expo taking place next week in California. The link on the event listing lead right to the event’s Web site.

How about competitions, then? Searching for all Botball competition found almost two dozen results all over the United States. These events also linked directly to event Web pages.

In addition to a calendar of events, there’s a gallery of bot and event images. There’s a forum, but it appears to be almost completely empty, and a place for blogs, but those look like they’re in the coming-soon stage. The event listing is the attraction here.

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