Directory of Gluten-Free Restaurants

I did not realize how much interest there was in gluten-free eating until I redid Cookin’ With Google and got lots of e-mails asking to expand the gluten-free option. So I know at least some of you will find this useful — a database of gluten-free eating across several countries, including the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. has over 3500 venues in its database.

From the front page you can search by type of venue/food — fast food, bakeries, hotels, etc. You do that BEFORE you search by location. Once you’ve specified a venue, then you specify a location — continent, country, state, or town. I did a search for pizza in the US. I got 41 results. The first results had the most description — paid insertions? You can click on the name of the restaurant for more information. The ones at the top had the very detailed pages, including logos and extensive descriptions. The ones at the bottom, like In-N-Out Burger (IN-N-OUT BURGER?) had no description at all, and very little beyond an address and phone number.)

I’m a little bemused by the fact that you have to search by venue before location — 3500 locations across nine areas isn’t that many. I think I would use this as a starting point — you’ll certain get some dining ideas here. (In-n-Out certainly wouldn’t have occurred to me while thinking about gluten-free eating….)

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