Pandemic Planning at the Community Level: Online Database

There’s a new Web site devoted to bringing together community-level practices for dealing with public health emergencies. At the moment that site has over 130 practices from four countries, 22 states, and 33 counties. It’s available at .

You can browse by states which have made information available, or you can browse by category. Categories include Triage Strategies, Risk Communications, and Community Engagement. I took a look at Surge Capacity.

There were a series of plans from several states and countries, including one for extended child care, one for medical coordination and care delivery process, and one for training, drills, and exercises. Each plan has not only a set of component parts (some more extensive than others) but also a description and comments from reviewers. This paragraph-or-so serves as a combination executive summary and minireview. The ones I looked at gave me a good overview of what’s available in the plan, its weak points, and how it might be used/adapted.

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