London Children’s Hospital Puts Historic Records Online

London’s Great Ormond Street children’s hospital has launched a Web site containing more than 50 years’ worth of patient records. The new site covers over 84,000 child patients who were treated between 1852 and 1914. You can search it at .

From the front page you can search by first name, surname, and approximate year of birth. (There is a far more extensive search available at but you’ll have to register to use it.) I did a search for Dickens and got 18 results, including Dickenson as well as Dickens.

The results are in a table that shows date of admission, sex, name, diseases, and registration district. There are no hyperlinks on the table but you can choose a name and click on it for more details. Additional information includes admitting doctor, ward, and length of stay. If you register on the site (registration is free) you’ll get even more information including case notes, residence of the patient, and outcome of the disease. (Not all data is available for all records.)

This is a very interesting set of data for historical or genealogical research. Definitely worth a look!

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