Put Google News On Your Site

More ways for you to add topical stuff to your site. Google recently announced the Google NewsBar, which allows you to add some AJAXy goodness to your site.

You have two ways you can add it to your site. The first way is a wizard, which walks you through some basic questions (basically you decide horizontal or vertical and add some search terms) and then pops out some code. Here’s an example of Google News search for Yahoo:


@import url(“”);

window._uds_nbw_donotrepair = true;

@import url(“”);

function LoadNewsBar() {
var newsBar;
var options = {
largeResultSet : false,
title : “Yahoo”,
horizontal : false,
autoExecuteList : {
executeList : [“Yahoo”]

newsBar = new GSnewsBar(document.getElementById(“newsBar-bar”), options);
// arrange for this function to be called during body.onload
// event processing

(Hmm… I don’t think it’s working…)

If you’re interested in getting a little more into it than a wizard, check out the developer’s guide. (I think it’s interesting that you have to get an AJAX API key for some functionality.)

I’m going to experiment and see about using category words in as search terms, assuming I can get it to work to start with…

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