New Online Dictionary, LingoZ

A new online dictionary was announced today, which is available in 8 languages including English, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish. LingoZ is available at .

The site currently has over 4.4 million definitions and encourages submissions from its users. You can do a keyword search, explore a huge list of glossaries (browsable by category, or you can look at ones that are new/have lots of definitions/have been updated recently) or look at a list of terms that need definitions. (Sorry, I have no idea what “RNA world theory” means.)

I did a search for hokey. I got two sets of results. One was from Babylon and one was from Wikipedia. The Babylon definition was okay. The list of similar words LingoZ provided was amusing — I guess I don’t understand the criteria for similar words. Hockey? Hotkey? Okey? Mmm-kay.

This site very much encourages user participation, from adding your own definitions to submitting your own words to voting on the fitness of definitions. For regular dictionary definitions, I’d probably go to another resource — LingoZ responded somewhat slowly as I used it — but for esoteric definitions, to browse words, or to use that lovely glossary list I’d stop here a while.

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