ResearchBuzz Roundup 110907

Andrew Goodman’s blog mentions that his spidey sense is tingling. Anyone who’s been to the last couple of Web Search Universities knows why that made me laugh a lot.

CNET Buys FindArticles from LookSmart. I now officially have no reason to visit LookSmart companies. When I think about how much I liked LookSmart back in 1998, I get depressed.

Ooo! A graduate certification program in data mining, which includes GIS!

Ask Sam put Christmas Carols in a searchable database.

Lots of food safety multimedia (videos, podcasts, etc.) Gotta love a site that has a “Foodborne Pathogen of the Day”.

Vandy’s got a YouTube channel!

Google running ads into video games. Hmm, if you take that kind of virtuality to its logical conclusion, Linden Labs would be a pretty interesting play for them… if it’s for sale…

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