Yahoo Developer Theater 2007

Jeremy Zawodny mentioned on his blog the launch of Yahoo Developer Network Theater, available at .

The site includes a variety of videos and screencasts covering a variety of topics relevant to developers, including AJAX, JavaScript, and APIs of all sorts. There’s also covering of different Yahoo Events and interviews with various luminaries. (There’s an RSS feed that you can use if you want to subscribe to the videos.)

The videos are very different in their presentation. Some of them are full video, but one I looked at was mostly still photographs with audio over it and reminded me a little of “Tom Goes to the Mayor” (in a good way.) Unfortunately the audio quality varies as well, some of it superb and some of a little hard to hear.

I will confess to your right now that most of this stuff is way over my head. So maybe I’m just missing the point when I say that I would like to see different categories, like “Case Studies,” or “How-To”. Or maybe for APIs? It’s easy enough to browse the categories NOW, but I’m wondering what it’s going to be like as more and more videos are generated on more and more specific topics. I’m excited to see what’s here — gotta get into those JavaScript videos — but I want to be able to find, and follow, more later.

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