Edumax Provides The Basics on Several Computer Topics

So I’m sitting here watching the Colts getting the stuffing beat out of them (maybe the 2nd half will be better) so I need something nice to talk about. This’ll do. Edumax, at offers online tutorials of several different topics AND forums for those topics.

There are about two dozen tutorials at this site, covering several aspects of Microsoft Office as well as eBay, several programming languages, and non-programming topics like Success and Debt Management.

Let’s take Microsoft Access as an example. The tutorial is divided into eleven different parts. The parts themselves are divided into bite-sized sections, introducing you to concepts on step at a time. The forums I looked at were completely empty (actually it looks like they’re all empty), so while having forum discussions could add an interesting dimension to online tutorial, at the moment it’s adding nothing.

Not surprising, as this is a very new resource. This is not the place to get advanced training, but I like the very detailed and very delineated basic lessons that are offered.

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