STATS Indiana Relaunches With Additional Information

STATS Indiana, which despite its name provides information on other states besides Indiana, has relaunched with a new design and new data. It’s available at .

This site provides a huge amount of demographic information across the entire US, so let’s get started. You can find statistics by topic, by geographic area (states or counties) or by time period. The kind of information varies. For example, I could look at the Exports topic and see pointers to export information for both Indiana and all the states (the Indiana information is the greater focus) and pointers to publications focused on export and current export news. (Some categories, like Libraries, were placeholders and did not yet have any information.)

Geographic data is fun. You can choose a state or a county. I chose Maine, and got a map of export information and the option to see data in a variety of categories. I chose to look at all the data because it’s a short load. Statistics covered in the table include per capital income, R&D expenditures, personal income, population over time, and a lot more. Counties don’t provide quite as much information, but when you pick counties, you can choose to compare a county’s statistics against all other counties in that state, or against the US as a whole.

So what’s new on the site? More data is available for states, counties, and metro areas. Additional data includes IRS migration and income tax data as well as health data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tremendous amount of information here, once you get past the name — STATS Indiana has a lot more to it than Indiana!

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