Another Spotlight On Internet Startups

I know I’ve mentioned databases that exclusively cover startups before — here’s another one. Startupulse, at, was started in September and currently has information on about 300 companies.

New companies are added to the front page, blogstyle; there’s also a set of categories that you can use to browse (from Adult to Wiki). Information about companies is pretty different from KillerStartups, which I reviewed back in June. KillerStartups tends to do some very basic analysis, asking quick questions about the usefulness of a startup or the business model.

Instead, Startupulse seems to be focusing on data — a surprising amount of offline contact information, traffic and stat data from various services (like Alexa) and external press coverage (I saw a lot of links to KillerStartups, as a matter of fact.)

I actually think the two services are complimentary as they provide much different information. I suspect, though, that KillerStartups is covering a lot more companies. (Startupulse has added about dozen companies in the last week; KillerStartups has added more than that in the last twelve hours.)

One other note: all information on Startupulse is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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