Search Engines Get a Wiki

This shouldn’t be too surprising. Search Engine College has announced Search Engine Wiki, which is dedicated to search engines and search engine marketing. It’s in beta at .

If you can get past the annoying librarian stereotype on the front page, you’ll find several resources here, including a list of search engines for over 200 countries (admittedly many of the countries only have one engine — some engine descriptions here wouldn’t come amiss), a glossary of terms used in SEO, PPM, and related fields (I admit freely I had no idea what CamelCase meant), a list of search engine marketing blog (including ResearchBuzz, which I don’t really consider to be an SEO blog. Just an SE blog) and a list of search industry conferences and events.

There isn’t much commenting going on, and while there’s a lot of information gathered here it suffers from a lack of extensive description. And dude(s), if you’re going to have a list of search engine news sources why don’t you include headlines from their RSS feeds? I’m not sure what software this wiki is running, but maybe SimplePie is an option?

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