Directory of Museum Podcasts and Other Museum Information

I love finding Web sites for niches I didn’t know existed. In this case it’s a Web site devoted to podcasts for museums, with some additional information about museum blogs. Museumpods is at .

The site is set up with the traditional left nav which takes you through several offerings: a search engine for podcasts and blogs (which unfortunately I couldn’t get to load), widgets for the Web site, and a list of over 100 podcasts from museums (presented in a table; a little more description wouldn’t come amiss).

There are other directories here as well, which I didn’t expect. There’s a directory of museum and educational widgets, a number of listings and directories (including a Museum Exhibition Design Firm Directory, Museum Open Source Directory (short), museum jobs, and more. Museumpods doesn’t even begin to cover it. I wish I had gotten that custom search engine to work…

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