ResearchBuzz Roundup 111907

Google Blogoscoped has a great overview of Google Android.

Apparently the Internet sky is falling. I have been hearing variations on this for the last dozen+ years.

Washington Post launches Washington Post investigations.

Completely OT: my husband and I are Guitar Hero fans. Dubious Quality pointed me toward a a very amusing band name generator. Oh, to be called Ruthless Foghorn Bodybags, or perhaps Pure Gravel Brigade, or even Marooned Rubber Neighborhood. Yeah, definitely Marooned Rubber Neighborhood.

A new information trap I have set up at news search engines, that’s yielding some interesting results: “new widget”.

If for some reason you have an XM radio you haven’t activated, you can get three months free service.

Penn waiting out the digitization race.

Siobhain Butterworth has fun with the new Guardian archive.

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