TechTarget Launches New Specialty Search Engine for VMware

TechTarget has announced new tech-specific Web site (its 45th), this one covering VMware. It’s available at .

The front page has links to articles, topics, and site features relevant to VMware. The search engine’s at the top of the page. You can do a simple keyword search, but an advanced search allows you to search in different sections of the site (expert advice, news, white papers, etc.) or in different sections of a document (title, URL.)

I would stick to the site and vendor part of the search results. When I did a search for enterprise, I got 16 very targeted results for the Web site itself (“Paravirtualized Ubuntu shows early performance promise”), more general but still tech content from the 2300+ vendor results (“Benefits of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise : Learn about: Application Security, Business Process”) and a dog’s breakfast of results from the Google search, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Star Trek Web sites.

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