George Eastman House Is Creating a Wiki

The George Eastman House, home of the world’s oldest photography museum, has announced that it is developing a wiki for documenting the photographic process. This new wiki is being aimed for use by collectors, curators, archivists, and conservators.

The wiki, which owes its creation to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, will include information on cameras, chemical processes, and other topics related to photography. What I found especially interesting is that the site will also facilitate a classification scheme for imaging materials. Criteria will include detail, type, condition, age, and process.

The wiki is expected to take up to two years to develop (you’ll pardon the pun) and once developed, is expected to be “closed”, with edits coming only from staff at the Eastman House and curators, scholars, and other experts.

While you’re waiting for the new Wiki, you can check out the Eastman house podcasts, view the digitized offerings, and take a virtual tour. (Don’t miss the samples from the Kodak advertising collection).

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