100 Years Of Wyoming, In Images

Apparently it’s visual image day here at ResearchBuzz. There’s a new database of 6,000 photographs — 3,500 by Jack Richard and 2,500 by Charles Belden — showing northwestern Wyoming over a span of 100 years.

The photographs are in two collections — one for Richard and one for Belden — at . (This is the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, by the way.) I took a look at the Jack Richard Collection.

You can do a browse of everything in the collection, or you can do a keyword search (the keyword search, by default, spans both collections.) I did a search for cowboy and got over 300 results. All the results were in black and white and included Native Americans in parades with cowboys, calves getting branded, bucking broncos, and an adorable picture of a cowboy feeding an antelope.

Results are presented in a table with thumbnails. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and more details, including date (I saw a lot that were just “circa 1930s”), notes, subject matter, and the location. There’s also a link to where you can order reprints of that image.

I didn’t see a way to browse by date, but you can do a search within a certain date range without including keywords. Meaning, of course, that you get all the pictures for that date. I did a search for 1901-1910 and got 80 pictures, with images from other photographers besides Belden and Richard. (Jack Richard, age 4, is even in one of these very old pictures.)

All the pictures I saw except one were black and white (the one was a grizzly bear pelt from the 1950s) and most of what I saw was from the 30s. I don’t hear often about digital collections from Wyoming, so I wanted to spotlight this one here. Try the subject listings for each picture to go browsing off in lots of different directions.

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