Zuula Adds Video Search

Zuula is a metasearch tool that I quite like. It’s available at I noticed last week that there are a few new search options.

First Zuula has a new toolbar available. I’m not really into that, but if you are and want more details you can get ’em at Zuula has also helpfully made code available if you want to put a Zuula search form on your own Web page.

Now for the improvements on the site itself. The blog search engine has a new search engine available; BlogDimension stood up pretty well to a sample test (“strawberry shortcake”) though now I’ve found several new cooking blogs to read AND I’m hungry.

There’s also a whole new search type on Zuula; video search now offers searching of video sites, including Google Video, YouTube, iFilm, MetaCafe, and DailyMotion. Zuula’s tabbed metasearch now includes Web Search, Images, Video, News, Blog Search, and Jobs.

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