ResearchBuzz Roundup 12312007

Happy 2008!

New version of WordPress.

Yow. Well, uh, if you really want to listen to a radio station devoted to 24-hour coverage of the presidential elections, you can…

Kevin Kelly has released a free ebook on documentaries to see before you die. Two things: it’s ad-supported, and it’s very pretty. Not at all like many bland ebooks I have seen.

Google-mapping earthquakes.

Google stats its blogging activity.

Netscape goes splat. The only thing surprising about this is how long it took.

Reuben Schwarz covers a site devoted to airline food. Reuben does a lovely blog.

MySpace is having an online presidential primary.

Lifehacker: Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About.

America’s most literate cities 2007.

LDS missionary journals put online.

The possible future of huge-capacity hard drives.

Emory Sekaquaptewa.

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