New Options for Advanced Google News Search

Google has announced a couple new options for advanced searching of the Google News service. First there’s the fact that advanced searching and operator searches work for all versions of Google News now — great for folks using the non-US versions.

Second is that suggested sources has been implemented for the advanced search page. If you start typing the name of a source in the source search box, Google will give you suggestions. So if you type Houston, for example, you’ll get a variety of suggested sources including Houston African-American News, Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle, and so on. (I guess this would also be a quick way to see if your media source is even listed in Google News.)

Third is that source search is not limited to the exact name of the source. Before if you used the source: syntax, you had to be exact or pretty close with the source name for Google News to find results. This was annoying. Now you can use the syntax with an incomplete name and you’ll get results from all sources with your keyword in the name. This could be useful for topical searching — try doing a query with source:business or source:agriculture or source:retail.

Here’s another fun one — do a general source search combined with the location syntax. I think I want an RSS feed of television station stories in Texas. source:tv location:tx would do the trick.

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