ResearchBuzz Roundup 01052008

Windows Secrets complains: Microsoft is charging for services that closely resemble its free services.

WhatsOpen looks intriguing but you can only search California without signing up.

Greg Notess digs deep into AskEraser.

There’s now a PE/VC database for China.

Assessing the impact of published research papers.

Danny has a nice overview of stealth search startups. (Blekko?)

Want to help the National Archives of Ireland correct errors on their recent census release?

Oh you visionary: Professor proposes “green” mobile home.

Intel leaves OLPC project.

What if search engines could read images? What if a search engine used part of its ad revenue to create a huge ongoing Mechanical Turk job for people to read, describe, and index images?

In case you were wondering: Google developer Courses on YouTube.

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