New Instructional Video Site — MonkeySee

I’m afraid I don’t get the monkey meme — perhaps I’m too old. I’m not too old, however, to appreciate another video instruction site like MonkeySee ( .)

MonkeySee has launched with a lot of instructional videos, adding both user-submitted videos and videos from professionals. The front page covers a lot of bases, from how to solve a Rubik’s Cube to how to buy a diamond to how to do trick shots in pool. Of course there’s the usual crop of “how to” stuff that doesn’t quite fit but looks useful anyway — in this case for fire safety and “flair bartending” (including a nifty and loud way to open a beer. Wonder if this would work for root beer.)

You can browse videos in several ways, including by topic, by most-viewed, highest-rated, and most recently added. You can also do a keyword search. (I did a search for fly and got no result count but seven pages of results, the first of which were associated with ski waxing.)

The interesting thing about MonkeySee is that how-to concepts are gotten across with a series of videos instead of just one. How to get out of a speeding ticket, for example, includes fifteen videos that walks through several steps of what to do when getting pulled over, before going to court, etc.

Other than having fifteen videos listed on a page, the video pages look very YouTubish, with information about the submitter/expert on the right, icons to embed/link to the video via several social networks, and spaces for comments. There’s a link for downloading video but apparently that feature hasn’t been activated yet.

I can’t find an RSS feed for the latest videos, and the latest videos are a little hard to navigate anyway since series of videos are being added instead of one at a time, but there was some very interesting content here. Worth a look.

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