Who’s Sharing What at Google Reader

Wondering what people are passing around at Google Reader? ReadBurner, at, is here to help. The site monitors “several hundred” linkblogs (there’s a link to show them, but it gave me a 404 error) and filters for the ones that are shared by multiple people on Google Reader.

You can review currently-popular items, look at “upcoming” items (ones that are getting hot, I guess), things that are popular this week, and things that are popular over all time. (RSS feeds are available for everything. Happy sigh.) You can get lists in several different languages, in several different levels of detail (from nothing but a headline and a link to getting the complete item within the list (very cool.) Even just the basic text and summary shows a lot of details.

The items listed here tend to be very tech-heavy, but I got no problem with that. If you’re less interested in the items themselves and more in the people behind them, you can check out the top linkbloggers, sources, and authors. (Cory Doctorow, what a surprise! :->) Clicking on a name gives you a list of what they’ve linked/generated/contributed.

From What’s on the blog, it looks like this service is fairly new, but I like this. Absolutely chunking a few of these in my feed reader. Check it out!

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