A Few Quick Search Engine Hints Etc

Just a few notes on things I’ve noticed/figured out/learned in the last couple weeks:

— I do not give Bloglines ( ) enough cred as a blog search engine. I used it for a few searches today and realized that you get a somewhat different set from standard blog search engines — because Bloglines apparently indexes RSS feeds for forums (at least some forums.) Found some very interesting stuff.

— Interested in the roller coaster that is our current stock market? I don’t have a regular stock ticker on my computer, but found that if I just opened the Google Finance Dow Jones page, I had constantly-updating Dow index information in the title of the window. This hint is only for those of us who are only sometimes interested in the market and don’t already have a ticker…

— I am so interested in doing keyword-based feeds that I didn’t realize you could do and get an RSS feed of all the top/front stories in a variety of categories. By the way, Google News has a dedicated election news section at

— I went to check and see what was going on with Penelope/Eudora project and found that I can now download — Eudora? It’s apparently a Eudora/Thunderbird smushup. Haven’t tried it yet.

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