ResearchBuzz Roundup 01292008

Rob Pegoraro starts this column with “There are times when I feel like I’m in a tiny minority of people who don’t hate Windows Vista,” but by the end of the column I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Vista yet.

It’s always weird to learn vocabulary words from the state of Arkansas: vishing.

Is an International Standard Music Number a possibility? I would love this.

Gary talks about the soul of Ask. I love sitting down with him at conferences and talk to him about Ask features and what’s on the plate. He puts everything in a useful context and he’s so enthusiastic!

LOC has a state of the blog. Dudes, keep calling it the Library of Congress Blog. You’re the FRICKING LIBRARY OF CONGRESS! You’re already cool! You don’t need to find a name to make you even cooler.

SNOPES! Say it ain’t so!

Go Wales: Rhondda Cynon Taf Libraries Digital Archive has over 20,000 photographs. adds and

Some video tutorials for better learning Google Earth.

Coolness! Yellowstone Park has live streaming webcams.

Yahoo to lay off a thousand people. You know, it’s weird. When I think of Google, I first think “Google”, and then I think “Matt” (Cutts). When I think about Yahoo, I think, “Jeremy” and “Ernie”, and then I think “Yahoo”. That may be meaningless, but I think I have a better sense of Yahoo as a group and Google as an institution.

Hey, take a look at the Honolulu city art collection!

I almost missed the Cute Google Lego thing.

Google News has launched a suggestion form.

Yahoo CAPTCHA hacked. Crap.

Richard Stallman browses via e-mail. Wow, that brings me back. I remember resource lists being published in the late 90s that covered what you could do for information gathering (as I recall it was mostly GOPHERing and ARCHIEing) via e-mail. If he can do it, more power to him!

If I were a striking writer, I would feel very comforted by the fact that Taco Bell has my back.

Display a Google Calendar in Google Maps. I can dig it.

First I hear a rumor that the WSJ may get a sports page and now I hear about the BusinessWeek Lifestyle channel. This is me shoving Cheetos in my eyes.

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