South Carolina Launches School Performance Database

Now you can find out about South Carolina school performance online. A new database provides “report cards” for school performance. It’s available at .

The search form allows you to search for all kinds of parameters, from the mundane (student grade level, district, number of students) to the bad (dropout rate, school poverty index) to the education (teacher education level, attendance rate, and average salary.)

The combination of search possibilities is huge but I stuck to something simple; schools with “Good” ratings and graduation rates between 75-100 percent. I got 40 results, presented in a table with school name, address, type (high school, middle school, etc.) and grade range.

On its surface, the detail page doesn’t provide that much information — number of students, name of principal, grade levels, stuff like that. But there’s a trend page to look at that shows the school’s performance for the last five years in a number of categories. There’s also a link to the full report for the school that has all kinds of statistics — unfortunately it’s in PDF format.

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