Nine Good Occurrences from Microsoft/Yahoo

I have been stumping around for the last couple of days very upset about the idea of Yahoo/Microsoft, but then I sat down, calmed down, and realized that such an arrangement would have some advantages. I was only able to think of nine, but they were there.

The Nine Good Things Happening From Microsoft/Yahoo Merger

9. Bill Gates tapped as new Yahoo yodeling guy.

8. Flickr starts MS Bob photo pool.

7. 404 error pages at replaced with adorable blue screens.

6. After acquisition, Yahoo realizes its stumbles with multimedia properties are due to lack of focus. The next multimedia service is called Yahoo! Monkey Sounds.

5. In addition to standard intitle: and inurl: syntax, Yahoo’s search engine adds webserveros:.

4. Ironically, everybody thinks “Vista” is a kind of apple.

3. Yahoo Pipes adds new module — “Spin”.

2. Easter Egg on Yahoo! Maps allows you to play a Where’s Waldo-like game called Where’s Paul Allen.

1. Still woozy from the smell of all that cashola, Yahoo’s shareholders accidentally appoint Clippy as Yahoo’s Transition CEO. (“I see you’re trying to turn a company around…”)

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