The Wiki of Obsolete Skills

Thanks to Infomancy for talking about the Obsolete Skills Wiki, available at .

It’s just what it sounds like – a wiki devoted to skills that are no longer useful or necessary. The skills list is at and includes things like “Adjusting the rabbit ears on your TV set” (actually that’s still being done at my mother’s house), “Clamping roller skates onto hard-soled shoes with a skate key”, “Harness a team of oxen”, and “Using a 16 mm film projector”. Some of the skills are more ironic — I know that people still send letters and some unfortunates still have to thread paper into dot-matrix printers.

Some of the skills listed have merely “seed articles” — basics in preparation for a larger article — while some of them are extensive. You too can learn the whys and wherefores of adjusting the tracking on a VCR, or the finer points of parking with curb feelers.

There’s not a lot here yet, but I look forward to it filling out. We obsolete so quickly…

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