UNData Search Tool for Statistics

Thanks to Novalawcity for the pointer to UNData, a search tool for UN Statistics. It’s available at aaaaand it’s in beta.

It looks like a regular search engine, with different tabs for searching data and glossary. (A “more” tab has additional options: going to an advanced search, browsing available statistics, looking at information by country, and reviewing available sources.) Suggested searches are shown along with a list of databases (the front page notes that more databases will be added “in due course” and that over 55 million records are currently being searched.)

I did a search for “south africa” exports. I got 118 results. Results look very Googly except for the left nav which allows you to filter by data type — in this case key indicators, MDG, National Accounts Official Country Data, and Trade. The results themselves allow you to preview a sample of the data, download the data (sometimes just in one format, like XML, and sometimes in multiple format, like tab- or comma-delimited), or explore similar data sets. You can click on the name of the data set to explore it and filter by various data points. The data set pages also contain the source name, source’s home page, and contact information.

There’s a FAQ available for this tool but it doesn’t say how often the database of records is updated. You can also get a little more information about the project here.

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