ResearchBuzz Roundup 030108

American Gods available for free reading — but unfortunately in crappy format.

Google Books adds some features to My Library service.

The state of Missouri now has a video providing help to African-American genealogists.

An online database of 340 central Ohio nonprofits.

Apparently March is Irish-American heritage month. I am a very small bit Irish — just about enough for one shamrock leaf.

Heh! The Field Guide to Snowflakes.

Ask thinking about dumping Teoma and going with Google? WTF??? This Yahoo/Microsoft kerfuffle is Ask’s big chance to grab some of the search engine spotlight (it’s been steadily gaining for the last few years) and instead THIS is the news that’s coming out. Instead, Gigablast is doing a fancy dance.

Firefox 3 Beta 3 has been released.

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