Gigablast Announces Site Search Technology

Search engine Gigablast ( ), which seems to have taken the recent Microsoft/Yahoo/Ask news as a big ol’ kick in the pants, has announced Gigablast Site Search.

This service means you can get free site and Web search via Gigablast on your Web site. Gigablast also mentions that those sites which use the site search will (from the announcement) “receive priority during the Gigablast indexing process.” So use the service, get a bump in how often your content gets indexed.

You can go to to get instructions on how to add a site search page to your site. When I looked at these instructions, they looked awfully familiar. I may be remembering incorrectly but these look like the instructions Gigablast had some time ago for creating a site search engine.

“If those are the same instructions,” I thought while scanning them, “then there also should be… aha.” After the instructions for the site search engine, there’s instructions for creating a Gigablast search engine that searches several sites. It doesn’t have the level of control that something like a Google Custom Search Engine does, but it’s very quick to knock together and doesn’t require an account. Less clear is whether search engines included in these types of engines will get an indexing bump.

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