University Offers Useful Index Of Country Pages

A big thank you to Barclay Blog, who pointed me to the Foreign Information by Country page by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

This resource is not something like the CIA World Factbook, which in itself contains a great deal of information on each country. Instead this site aggregates links to country information throughout the Internet. For example, Take Belize, for example. There’s one image (the flag) which links to the World Factbook entry for Belize. After that it’s all (well-annotated and titled) links.

They’re divided into categories. The Belize page has categories for Belizean Government Information (many of the links from Belize itself), country profiles (CIA, BBC, and many more), articles and databases, diplomatic relations, health, and peacekeeping and military information. Finally at the end of the list there’s suggestions for searching the library catalog and related categories.

Some categories had just a few links, while others — like the country profiles category — had well over a dozen. I am in awe of how much time this must have taken.

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