Another Video Site — For Military Films

A retired Air Force veteran has started a Web site dedicated to old military films. His web site currently has over 600 films available (with plans to release about 1200 more), and it’s extensive enough that you don’t want your kids browsing it alone…

The site’s called Real Military Flix and it’s at Http:// . A nav on the left provides categories from films, from WWI through WWII, several decades, and finally Iraq and Iran. You also have the option of browsing the most popular videos and “mature” videos.

The mature videos are mostly not sexual in nature (well, there’s an instructional video on sexual hygiene) but but instead are graphic war and victim shots and in one case, an execution by firing squad. The most popular videos also show some pretty strong films, including one on animal experiments that made me sick even from the screen shot.

But there are over 600 films here so I won’t concentrate on the overly-graphic ones. The WWI films include a welcome home parade shot in New York (with a Civil War veteran in the last scene), the Signal Corps in action, and basic training at Camp Sherman. There’s a section for films in the 20s and 30s that include newsreels (Albert Einstein!) and documentaries. All the sections include extensive descriptions and recommendations on what to look for. Each video has its own page with a large embedded video frame and stats for the video (runtime, year, audience, etc.) The video pages don’t have comments available but there is a link to the site’s forums.

The site has a few more sections, including military headlines, links, and a games page. (Which seemed a bit out of place; going to a military films site to play Coffee Tycoon?) The newsreels and documentaries are terrific, with plenty of historical information. You’ll just have to be a bit careful about what you decide to watch.

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