ResearchBuzz Roundup 042208

New search engine for finding flights in Japan.

New List of Federally-Recognized Tribes Published. And wow, a nicely extensive set of resources for Native American legal searching.

Google Blog posts a tribute to Tom Lehrer.

1000 Rare Haggadahs Now Available Online.

New French-Canadian records on

UCLA: our brains dig fairness.

Huh. Non-anonymous reviewers can increase book sales a lot.

Berkeley: Reading habits over 20 years. I’m surprised The Fountainhead was so high up on the list. Now my head has this horrible Harry Potter and the Fountainhead thing in it — Howard Roark is trying to get the contract to build the new Ministry of Magic while Peter Keating makes hash browns out of an addition to King’s Cross Station. Meanwhile, Ellsworth Toohey co-ops Snape and establishes the Council of European Magicians. A charming subplot involves Gus Webb and Peeves the Poltergeist competing to see how much havoc they can actually raise. I think I have just really hurt my skull.

Rameses the Ram has retired. He will be replaced by Pablo the Ram. Flickr now has a Share This button.

American Choral Music, 1870-1923.

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