ResearchBuzz Roundup 052608

AWS has an article about the New York Times TimesMachine. Unfortunately it’s for Times print subscribers only…

Condoleeza Rice at Google.

Google has tool to check for malware.

News mapped on Google Earth.

Hey! Cory’s in a comic strip.

US Airways: No More Free Snacks. I think eventually they’re just going to stack passengers like cordwood.

Google’s new? discussion board results. Good good. More more. And isolate them so I can search just them (or them and Google Groups) when I’m trying to solve a tech problem…

I thought it was interesting that a professor at RIT — RIT — is claiming that blackboard and chalk beats PowerPoint and video clips.

Congrats to the Doodle 4 Google winner.

Drat. I missed Towel Day too.

The American Civil War Online, free through June 30. Thanks for the heads-up LiB.

Google Sites is now open to everybody, and now it has its own blog.

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