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You’ll have to pardon me if there are a lot of spelling or grammatical errors in this bit. I’m too busy cracking up at the Universal Record Database ( ) to closely review my work. This site is in beta, and I don’t know how new it is, but it’s new to me.

What is it exactly? As the Web site describes it, “We believe every person on earth has potential to be the world’s best ‘something’. URDB’s mission is to become the database where all such achievements will live.” From the front page, you’ll get the immediate idea that this is not Guinness. When I looked at it, records on the front page included “Most Giraffe Tattoos On A Shoulder” (one), “Most Burps In One Minute” (60), and “Most People Complimented In One Minute” (16). If you don’t want to browse from the front page you can do simple keyword search or look at the most popular tags.

I took a look at the “fastest” tag. This category contained four entries (if you’re looking for more results, do a keyword search; a keyword search for “fastest” gave fifteen results) including one for fastest beer drinking (some of the stuff on this site is at least PG-13), another for scaling a ladder, and another for the fastest solving of a Mini Rubik’s Cube while “sleeping” a yo-yo. Initial information on the record includes summary, rating, picture (sometimes) and how many people looked at it.

If you want to get more information on “Most Doll Heads Used To Make A Mohawk”, you can click on the title of the record, which you’ll get additional rating information, whether the record is pending or has been confirmed, location, tags, and any comments (most of the stuff I looked at had at least one comment.) Some of the records had videos. The guy doing the “Fastest Accordion Rendition Of ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia'” was rocking out.

I am a great fan of thoughtful goofiness and in that regard this site both takes the cake and absconds with the biscuit. But sadly, I could not find an RSS feed! How am I going to keep up with the new records and follow the old ones getting broken? Did I just miss it?

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