Project Gutenberg, Still Awesome in 2009

It’s nice to know that in the age of iThis and 2.0That and eTheOther some Internet projects just keep going, keep whirring along, piling up all kinds of awesome. Such as Project Gutenberg, the book digitization project which is has been going since 1971.

You get a great sense of what has been accomplished if you go through the 2008 Year In Review, available at Several things were accomplished over the last year, including indexing of the CIA World Factbooks from 1990-2008 and the creation of a Firefox Plugin.

Project Gutenberg now has over 30,000 books available on its Web site. You can get a full set of statistics at, and of course the Project Gutenberg catalog at And look, if you haven’t visited the site in a while, check it out. You can now get audio books, sheet music, and ISO images for CD and DVD burning.

Congratulations Project Gutenberg! Here’s to another 37 years.