New Database for Awards and Honors

This is interesting. There’s a new Web site that’s cataloging over 32,000 winners for over 800 awards and honors. As you might expect, it’s called and is available at .

The front page includes a list of categories you can choose from, as well as an overview of awards in the year (TIME Person of the Year, inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, etc.) I went and looked at the business category and saw 14 listings for awards/honors, including Advertising Hall of Fame, Webby award winners, and the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Each of these pages has a listing of winners. For example, the Advertising Hall of Fame had the honorees from 1949 to 2008. But here’s the problem. It was just a list of names and years. For the pages I looked at, there was no attempt to aggregate/link to ANY other information. For example, Wikipedia articles, books on Amazon or Google Books, articles in article archives. Nothing complicated, just direct URLs or search queries created as formatted templates, to which winner’s names could be added. And no, not everybody listed on this site will have a Wikipedia page, but I suspect a lot of them would!

There are plenty of awards and honors and people here, but it’s disappointing in that there is just so much more that could be done with these names. I can imagine I’d use this site as a reference or a jumpoff point, but as soon as I found a name I’d be gone somewhere else — Wikipedia, a news archive, or a very specific search engine query.

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