Compilation of Presidential Documents Goes Daily

Now that there’s a new President in DC, some of the online resources are changing a bit as well. I dropped by the Federal Digital System of US Government Printing Office Web site ( ) and read “In conjunction with the change of administration on January 20, 2009, the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents will provide more timely access to Presidential Documents by making materials available in electronic format on a daily basis.”

That’s Daily Compilation, now, as opposed to Weekly Compilation. The Daily Compilation site is at and contains links to compilations back to 1993, in this +year menu system which I can’t stand. I mean, at least give me a single button to expand the menu a year at a time. Anyway, it IS noted as the Daily Compilation but there’s only one item available from the new administration at the moment — the inaugural address.

(It’s weird. When you look at the text version of the address the name field at the end has “Bush, George W.” Is that a template oversight or was it because his name was mentioned at the beginning?)

If you want a more contemporary way to keep up with our new President, the new White House Web site has several RSS feeds. I found: (White House Blog, active) (Agenda Articles feed, no entries) (Press Office feed, no entries) (Photo Gallery feed, one entry) (Video feed, no entries)

Going to Google and searching for inurl:feed doesn’t find any results, so there may be some more feeds that haven’t been publicized yet. Actually, searching for shows that Google is still in the process of indexing the new site — some of the 121,000 results reference Bush, and some of them reference President Obama.

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